Get the look: Parisienne Tuesday, Jan 31 2012 

So i got this feeling as I was leaving for class yesterday morning about my outfit: one of those revelations that hits you once in a while. “I feel very french today” which could have been in part to my red and white striped boatneck top, black high waist flared skirt, garter print tights and vintage pansy earrings. Maybe that was the reason. But regardless, the effortless Parisian look is something we Yanks covet. Our endless stores of Abercrombie, J Crew and other cookie cutter places just dont cut it when we see someone in perfect dark skinnies, scuffed up leather boots and a little  v neck tee accessorized with a scarf  and jewelry from who knows what continent. We get it. Frenchwomen can dress themselves, be it up, or be it down. So here is my take on dressing like a Parisian without overextending yourself.

things you probably already have in your wardrobe:

  • a white v neck tee
  • dark well cut skinny jeans
  • a blazer, also well tailored
  • bangles
  • leather boots (the more worn in the better)
  • a striped top (lets keep it simple here- red,black,grey,green,navy)

things you can easily seek out:

  • black skinny cigarrette pants (think audrey hepburn, they hit at the ankle)
  • tailored shift dress in black for everyday, or red for the adventurous.
  • a keffiyeh or other type of pashmina with ethnic print- these are beyond popular in europe, i bought mine in Granada, Spain and my friends gifted me one from France.
  • long thing chain necklaces ,with small charms or beads- these can be layered.
  • the fiercest pair of black pumps you can find. my absolute favorite are the Zara ones with the cut out sides.

dont forget a good handbag, a thrifted leather satchel is good for trolling the streets, and a polished leather one (Hello, Birkin? Im talking to you) for more formal events

.Traditional Arab Keffiyeh

What can i say? these are HOT

Don't Forget your Laduree!





Like an Indian Summer in the Middle of Winter Friday, Jan 20 2012 


So today as i changed my desktop to the fab sea foam green “Swingers” print by Lilly Pulitzer (it was previously a Wildfox Couture ad) i got to thinking about spring. I know, talk about rushing the season. its like when stores stock valentines candy in december but whatever, c’est la vie. Its technically “Spring semester” regardless of the fact that we’ll be tromping around (fashionably of course) in leather boots, peacoats and sweaters for another two and a half months..siiigh. But  ive been stalking and Refinery29 lately seeing what the new trends are.  Of course the iminent arrival of spring means time to tan my casper self…i mean im italian but nothing like a dark northeastern winter to turn one ghostly -_-

I like mood boards, so heres a mini one dedicated to the spring we wont see for a few months. Pessimism,i know. sorry not sorry 🙂

Well thats all for now. my MacBook needs a charge like i need another chai tea.

xxo, S.S






Birthday Babes Thursday, Jan 19 2012 

So this is mildly unrelated…but my birthday was Monday, and i’d just like to dedicate this post to my best friends, boyfriend and roomates that I’m blessed to have.

We kicked off the weekend with a birthday bar celebration saturday night where i wore this very excellent & fab dress i ordered from ASOS. Im in love. Its also open in the back and that bright yellow neon band circles right around the back (fab, i know.)

So on monday (my actual birthday) i was surprised with a giant cupcake and some great Nike running gear from my boyfriend (white racerback and pink striped shorts). Along with wonderful friends and bf , we went to Viva, this tapas lounge for dinner  (wearing this adorable little green shantung skater dress from F21)and after, they all sang to me and  i got a bottle of wine and hello kitty slippers from my roomates! i just love helllo kitty, so presh. In a nutshell, it was a great way to spend the big 22 and lots of love to everyone who made it special.




I can’t live without… Tuesday, Jan 17 2012 

These are a few of my favorite things… okay so I know we all have our fashion and beauty crutches, things we will keep buying and buying because they are just so fabulous and reliable. I’d like to dedicate today’s post to my “cant live without” list. Stuff i just  have so much amour for!

As far as clothes go i can say that Rainbow brown leather flip flops are my favorite shoe ever. Now im totally a heels girl, but in the summer (and spring/fall/winter…) you cant go wrong with a great pair of brown leather flip flops. These last forever and hold up to all kinds of weather, and are comfy to boot. The rest of my list:

Black leather jacket, black cotton jersey dress, white loose v neck t, cropped blazers or round collar jackets, a striped tee/tank, boots-beige or black , just good quality and very classic looking.

Beauty wise: Burts bees chapstick, Smiths Rosebud Salve, BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion,Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eyeliner, Redken heat protect oil, Fekkai Smooth Down creme (since i am straightener-crazy) and any type of light mineral foundation. i cant stand pancake-y makeup.

Rosebud Salve- the best chapstick/balm- smells great and lasts forever

Good for people who straighten their hair obsessively (me).


Much love! xxox


Lovely legs Wednesday, Jan 11 2012 

Tis the season…for tights! Love em, hate em, its officially winter now, which means with any skirt or dress come the tights. I mean, i’m a big fan. they keep you warm, come in amazingly fun designs patterns and colors, and somehow make that supershort minidress look less streetwalker-y and more fashion forward. love. However, those on the other end of the spectrum may agree to disagree. How many of you have destroyed a new pair of tights by snagging a toe on them or sitting on a rough surface and then noticing (pills and snags galore) on the legs?

Well its a good thing that laddered (distressed) tights are hot right now. Fun,edgy and guaranteed to turn heads (even if its only to hear “hey…youve got a hole in your tights”) I once took a pair of scissors to the legs of a worn out black pair to try for the same effect. it may have ended up looking a little bit like swiss cheese, but hey, im all for experimenting.

Who says rips cant be chic?

So cheeky and very of the moment.

Tight that are printed to look as if theyve got garters on are super popular and i can hardly go a day on  without seeing a great  pair. Ive got some of these  (below)from Urban outfitters, but the whole leg is sheer black with the stripe and the lace tops, not sure why they look like pantyhose here=/

My favorite would have to be these, plain black from Betsey Johnson and black with the swiss dot pattern. very whimsical. Of course you shouldnt limit yourself to just black as I do, but experiment with fun patterns and colors.

Love & Coffee,


Trends for 2012 Monday, Jan 9 2012 

Mes Amies,

Spring 2012 is right around the corner, featuring a whole new palette of colors, cuts and new trends to carry us into the summer. However, 2011 brought us some great trends and new additions to fashion that I personally hope stick around well into 2012! (note: these are not seasonally related, just specific things I  liked throughout the year)

1.Crop Tops


Catwalking into 2012

Personally, im a huge fanof the crop top. Worn right (with the right body and accessories of course) these can look adorable and not at all like you just left a flashdance audition. I love them with a good pair of high waisted denim or one of those spandex-y printed jersey skirts that seem to be everywhere this year. I own quite a few from H&M, Juicy Couture and Urban outfitters & they are a fun and quirky way to dress up jeans and a T, or create your own look.

2. Lace

Peek A Boo!

Its gorgeous and gives that sheer-but-not-showing-too-much effect. We’ve seen it pop up everywhere from lace minidresses, to lace back tops, lace overlay shorts and skirts, and even as an applique on shoes. It looks good in colors such as black, pale neutrals like pink and beige and deep jewel tones. My hunter green lace top by Pins and Needles has been worn to death because of its versatility and great color. I’d stay away from lace in garish colors like hot pinks and neons because that tends to veer into the XXX side of apparel and we wouldnt want that…

3. Biker Boots

Rough n' Ready.

Let me make one thing clear: THESE ARE GREAT . They can be worn with virtually anything under the sun, come in a ton of different styles, and give an edgy look without falling completely off the 90’s grunge cliff. They can be adorned with studs, laces,buckles, straps etc and can often get very jazzy. Worn with a sweet dress it can add a surprising and quirky touch. I prefer my biker style boots with a good pair of dark skinnies, leather jacket and slim fit tank or tshirt thats not too tight, not too baggy. Add some wayfarers (or sunnies of your choice) and some long chain necklaces and VOILA. Easy, fashionable, fabulous.

So let’s hope that these trends carry on into 2012 and keep making fashion magic. What trends would you like to see stick around in 2012?



Vintage Classics Saturday, Jan 7 2012 

Hi Beauties,

Everyone loves a good vintage piece, whether it be clothes or accessories. I’m a regular vintage hound, as a matter of fact, nothing makes me happier than perusing a madcap old flea market or vintage store. One of my favorites is Second Time Around, in Philadelphia, which has an amazing array of designer secondhand and vintage goodies. I once got an Anya Hindmarch screen printed clutch there for $5! But that aside, I think flea markets are the best places to find unique accessories on the cheap. My favorite vintage piece that I own is my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, given to me by my grandmother. Its 40+ years old and holding up great! Often you can find clip on earrings, pendants, watches and small leather goods at awesome prices.

my best finds have been:

White YSL pumps

Fendi Shoulder Bag

Sterling Silver Jewlery

Beaded Evening Bags


Second Time Around, Philadelphia PA


Happy Hunting!


Bonjour! Friday, Jan 6 2012 

Hello Lovelies,

Since im new to this whole fashion blogging universe ill start off with a little bit about me. Im a fashion design student. I love art, sewing,painting, jewelry making. Basically anything hands on. I also love fashion and want to make a career out of it. Vintage, modern,street style, i love it all! you can find me on and twitter as well.

Who doesn't love shoes?

Peace, Love & a double espresso.